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Why this will be Bruce Allen’s last year with the Washington Redskins

Friday 22 June, 2018 | RSS Feed

Why this will be Bruce Allen’s last year with the Washington Redskins

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Eventually, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for the Washington Redskins, Bruce Allen was never a good thing and his time needs to come to an end.
Bruce Allen joined the Redskins at the end of 2009 as the Executive Vice President/General Manager. In May 2014, Allen was announced the team’s President. Since this time Allen has help produced a record of 52-75-1 and a winning percentage of .410. Those are not exactly the type of numbers you’re looking for in a leader. The Redskins haven’t been a winning organization for quite some time under his guidance and decision making.

Allen’s time in the front office has been disappointing and unacceptable. There have been multiple moves that have left the team, fans, and media scratching their heads. Dan Synder seems like he’s finally reach his limit with Allen and it’s about time. The constant embarrassment and horrible leadership has finally got the owner’s attention.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason Synder finally has voiced his frustrations. Perhaps it’s the mishandling of the whole Scot McCloughan situation, bypassing some better coaching options in years past, ruining the relationship with Kirk Cousins, or taking the Alex Smith trade into his own hands and not involving the Senior VP of Player Personnel, Williams. Take your pick. Allen’s at fault for all of them.
Honestly, I believed that that a changing of the guard was near when Doug Williams was named Senior VP of Player Personnel. But, when no GM was named and the position was going to be distributed among Williams, Allen, and some other front office staff, I knew that this was just another way for Allen appease his constant thirst for power.
Not only was this an ill-advised move, it showed that the organization was in complete disarray. Teams have GMs for a reason. It works. To not understand something as simple as this showed the Redskins have been spearheaded by a thoughtless individual.

Let’s not forget about the most recent USA Today Sports NFL Agent Poll, which ranked Allen the lowest NFL executive to be trusted. To me, this was the worst thing to surface. This should have been the nail in the coffin and Synder’s breaking point. It’s impossible to attract  free agents or show current personal that this is solid organization if key decision makers can’t be trusted.

On May 16, Brian Lafemina was announced as the teams President of Business Operations and Chief Operating officer. In this new role, Lafemina will oversee business operations and report directly to Synder. He’s one of most highly regarded NFL executives in the business. This move wouldn’t be made unless Allen was on his way out.
Eric Schaffer, who is the Senior Vice President of Football Operations/General Counsel, seems to be the favorite to be promoted to GM. He works closely with Williams, Allen, and Gruden along with the teams personnel staff to help shape the Redskins roster and has been one of the key individuals in negotiating contracts for Alex Smith, Paul Richardson, Orlando Scandrick, and Zach Brown. This move would be fantastic for the Redskins, especially since Shaffer has been with the team going on 16 years now.

Rumor has it that if Allen does lose his position, he would be reassigned to stadium development, which would be a terrible move for the Redskins. Look, if you’re going to get rid of him, be done with him altogether. I understand that Allen has done a lot for the community and the city, but don’t give him a position just because it’s owed to him.

Throughout the years, every decision made by Allen only made matters worse. If the Redskins are smart, regardless the outcome of their schedule, good or bad, they will fire Allen. Washington has to much talent to keep wasting under horrible management. It’s time to stop being stagnant and mediocre and move on from Allen’s reign. He’s done nothing but damage the image of Snyder and the Redskins organization as a whole.

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